Digital Signage in the Market Place

Digital Signage can literally be used for any form of visual communication, whether you are communicating to large amounts of employees in a building or communicating with the General Public about flight or train times at Airports or train stations or simply using  Signage for Out of Home Advertising.

Digital signs take out a lot of the cost of traditional print as and speed up the communication process so campaigns can be changed literally overnight and by the press of a button.

Digital Signage Installations have been successfully implemented in the following environments
Bars, Medical Centres, Corporate Communications, Government Communications, Hotels, Gyms, Restaurants, Banks, Gas Stations Casinos, Travel, Education, Car Dealerships, Airports, Tablets eg iPads or Android Tablets in Taxis

Market Statistics:
According to PQ Media U.S. Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising spending is estimated to have grown 14.8% in 2010 to $2.07 billion. The outlook for 2011 is also positive, with place-based networks expected to grow about 16%, digital billboards and signs to grow about 19% and overall DOOH predicted to experience almost 17% growth.

Digital video in public venues reaches more Americans each month (70%) than video over the internet (43%) or Facebook ( 41%)

Utilizing 2010 actuals at conservative rates Intel’s revised model now predicts 10 million media players and a corresponding 22 million digital signs by 2015. It is clear that the digital signage market is expanding at a significant pace.

Our Clients
We currently Provide Digital Signage Monitoring and Content delivery services to hundreds of sites around South Africa on a daily basis. These clients are mainly Medical centres as well as Bars and restaurants.


Hours Worked
Hours Worked

Total Out-of-home Media Viewers

3 in 4 (75%) total U.S. adults have noticed billboard (static or digital), transit or street level advertising in the past month.

OOH media viewership levels rise to 84% among those who have driven or ridden in any vehicles in the past month.

Point of Decision

Over two-third (69%) of travelers make purchase decisions outside of their home either frequently or sometimes.

Nearly one-third (31%) of travelers make purchase decisions in their car and nearly half (45%) think about shopping most often when they are not at work, home or in the car.

Seen ANY out-of-home advertising in the past month
U.S. Adults
Where Purchase Decisions Are Made
At Work (26%)
In Your Car (31%)
Other (44%)
Any Place (69%)