Advicast multimedia provide a range of services to create, display and monitor your digital signage. We not only install digital signage and create content, our services include remote monitoring and content delivery. Technicians are also available for call-out services when needed.

Network Monitoring

All digital signage networks need constant monitoring in order to for the network owners to establish the strength of the network. Advicast services include monitoring its networks daily and is in constant contact with our sites and clients to enhance how the entire system is running for maximum impact.

Content Production

Having a digital signage network that is up an running is one thing, making that network efficient and effective through awesome attention grabbing content is another. Advicast was developed out of a television background we can source, create and provide the content you need to bring you ROI.

Managing Content

Content Management is a vital part of our work, we make sure the correct content is playing at the right venue when it needs to. All sites are capable of either running the same or different content. Whether it’s a take away Menu board, a safety video or a commercial advert our system controls where and when it plays. Ask about Advicast content services today.

Technical Call Outs

Technicians on site is a service that we can provide if needed. Our Technicians understand our hardware and software systems and will ensure systems are up and running as soon as possible.

Get in touch today to find out more about how Advicast Multimedia services can help your business!